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Omega three fatty acid
Omega 3 fatty acids

               omega 3 fatty acid

#What are omega 3 fatty acid

Omega 3 fatty acid belong to polyunsaturated fatty Acids ( PUFA).The position of double bonds found in omega 3 fatty acids is different from other fatty acids which makes them unique. omega 3 fatty acids include eicosa pentaenoic acid (EPA) and Docosa Hexeanoic acid (DHA).The simplest omega 3 fatty acid is called Alapha linolenic acid (ALA).ALA can't be made in the body.plant and animal food which are very common comprise of ALA.

#Sources of omega 3 fatty acids

The primary dietary sources of omega 3 fatty acids include fishes,plants,and but oils.fishes such as samon,trout,herring,sardines and tuna contain large amounts of omega 3 fatty acids. Soyabean,pumpkin seeds,walnuts flaxseed and its respective oil extracts oil rich sources of ALA.Algae and krill are also good sources of omega 3 fatty acids.

#Symptoms of deficiency of omega 3 fatty acids


Dry skin
Mood swings and depression
Immune dysfunction
Kidney Deterioration
Heart problems
Alzheimer's disease
Poor memory

#Health benefits of omega 3 fatty acids

Reduce high cholesterol, Reduce high blood pressure, prevent cardiovascular disease, prevent cancer, essential for normal function and growth of the brain

#Metabolism of omega 3 fatty acids

Dietary ALA is absorbed in the gut.After absorption of ALA in the gut,it can undergo several metabolic fate,such as:
#1.Undergoing beta oxidation of fatty acids.
#2.can act as a substrate for ketogenesis.
#3.can be incorporated in to phospholipids of cell membranes.
#4.can be stored in adipose tissue.

Finally we should always remember that not all kinds of fats are harmful for the body and some do aid in maintaining good health

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