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What is guggulu 

Guggulu is described as "Agni sthana" and used for Dhupa.In atharva Veda it is mentioned that yaksma and other diseases will not spread to the areas fumigated by guggulu. sayana also introduced it as a well known "Dhupana dravya". It was used for the treatment of diseases of cattle.

Guggulu is  anexudates (niryasa) obtained from the plant commiphora mukul.preparation having the exudate as main effective ingredient are known as guggulu. There are five different varieties of guggulu described in the texts.However, two of the varieties,namely mahisaksa and kanaka guggulu are usually preferred for medicinal preparation. mahisaksa guggulu is dark greenish brown and kanaka guggulu is yellowish brown in colour.
गुग्गुलु प्रसिद्धं धूपसाधनम् न तं यक्ष्मा अरून्धते नैवं शपथो अश्नुते | यं भेषजस्य गुल्गुलो: सुरभिन्धो अश्नुते ||

It is observed that the internal usage of guggulu increased during samhita period only.susruta documented that new guggulu is 'vrsya' while old guggulu is apakarsana.caraka and vagbhata have delineated guggulu as medohara and vatahara.sarngdhara quoted it among the drugs to be used when they are older. G.V.satyathi while working on hypolipidemic activity observed that purana guggulu means ' five years old' as advised by c.Dwarakanath .in the ancient texts storage time for Niryasa is mentioned as five years. Probably this is the parameter for fixing old or new guggulu.

vrddha vagbhata described that about of guggulu may be consumed for rasayana purpose. if administered in excessive quantities side effects like; Timira,( lenticular opacities/cataract),klaibya,krsatva,murcha,southilya,Rouksya may develop.


Traditionally guggulu is purified in triphala kvatha for 3 hours and than fried with ghee before administered internally.According to Nighantu ratnakara decoctions of guduci,Triphala and cow's milk are to be used for purification.
Bhavamisra contraindicated sour substances,corrosives,items which may lead to indigestion, sex/coutus,exertion, alcohol,etc,while using guggulu.

characteristics :::

sodhita guggulu is soft,waxy and brown in colour.characteristics of preparation of guggulu vary depending on the other ingredients added to the preparations.

Guggulu have anti - inflammatory, anti - arthritic activity,Antifertility activity, anti - atherosclerosis activity,anti - obesity activity, hypolipidemic,hypocholesterolaemic activity.

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