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Madhya Pradesh public service commission pre exam General studies paper First 2018 #

मध्यप्रदेश लोक सेवा आयोग चित्र
 Mono m.p.psc

Q.1# with which religion is KALIKA puran associated ?


Q.2#.In ancient period, which Varna was also called as 'Sarrhavaha'?

(A). Brahman
(B). Kshatriya

Q.3#.The ancestors of shungas originated from

(A). Magadha
(C). Ujjain
(D). Saurashtra

Q.4#.The successor of SHER SHAH was

(A).Shujaat Khan
(B).Islam shah
(C).Feroz shah
(D).Muhammad shah adil

Q.5#.Where was the western Presidency situated in the early period of the East India Company ?

(A). Surat

Q.6#."The British empire is rotten to the core,corrupt in every direction and tyrannical and mean"This statement wasade by ?

(A).Sister Nivedita
(B).Savitribai phule
(C).Annie Besant
(D).Bal Gangadhar Tilak

Q.7#.Who coined the slogan 'Quit india ?

(A).Mahatma Gandhi
(B).Pt.Jawaharlal Nehru
(C).Yusuf Me her Ali
(D).Aruna Asaf Ali

Q.8#.Who authored the book,Planned Economy for india ?

(D).Pattabhi Sitaramayya

Q.9#.Which Massacre is Known as Jalliamwala Bagh Tragedy of Madhya Pradesh ?

(A).Charan Paduka Massacre
(B).Jhabua Massacre
(C).Mandla Massacre
(D).Amjhera Massacre

Q.10#.The longest river in India is


Q.11#.The southernmost range of India is


Q.12#.Which state of India touchés maximum boundaries?

(A).Madhya Pradesh
(C).Andhra Pradesh
(D).Uttar Pradesh

Q.13#.The second largest river basin of india is

(A).Mahanadi Basin
(B).Narmada Basin
(C).Godavari Basin
(D).Kaveri Basin

Q.14#.Palk strait is located between

(A).India and Pakistan
(B).India and Bangladesh
(C).India and Shri Lanka
(D).India and Maldives

Q.15#.Intertropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ),a low pressure Zone,is located

(A).Between trade winds and westerlies belt
(B).Between westerlies and polar winds belt
(C).nearby the poles
(D).at the equator

Q.16#.Kanha National Park is famous for ?


Q.17#.Nepanagar is related to which of the following Industries?

(B).Newsprint Paper
(D).Woollen textile

Q.18#.Which one the following places of Madhya Pradesh is on or nearest to 80° east Longitude?


Q.19#.'Bhavantar Bhugtan Yojna' of Madhya Pradesh is related to which sector ?

(A).Women development
(C).Child Development

Q.20#.Border Security Force ( BSF) is responsible for guarding on borders of which countries ?

(A).Pakistan and Nepal
(B).Pakistan and Bhutan
(C).Pakistan and Bangladesh
(D).Pakistan and China

Q.21#.Who among the following has not been the acting Governor of Madhya Pradesh?

(A).Justice N.D.Ojha
(B).Justice P.V.Dixit
(C).Justice G.D.Dixit
(C).Justice G.P.Singh

Q.22#.Under which Article of The constitution of India, The Governor has The power to Promulgate ordinances during recess of Legislature?


Q.23#.What was the growth rate of Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP) of Madhya Pradesh from the year 2011-12 to 2015 - 16 ?


Q.24#.In which year was the office of the Parliamentary Secretary created first time in Independent India?


Q.25#.Which one of the following is not correctly matched ?

Article of the Indian.        Related 
         Construction.              State

(A).371A.                          Nagaland
(B).371B.                          Assam
(C).371C.                          Meghalaya
(D).371D.                         Andhra Pradesh

Q.26#.How many seats are reserved for Scheduled Castes in the Look Sabha ?


Q.27#.Which one of the following is not correctly matched?

State.                           Allocation of                                             seats in the                                               Rajya Sabha

(A).Andhra Pradesh       18
(B).Odisha.                        10
(C).Tamil Nadu.               18
(D).Maharashtra.            19

Q.28#.In which year was Lakshmibai National Institute of Physical Education established?


Q.29#."End Passant " is related to which game ?


Q.30# The first Rajiv Gandhi khel Ratna Award was Given to whom?

(A).Viswanathan Anand
(B).Feet Seth I
(C).Sachin Tendulkar
(D).Dhanraj Pillai

Q.31#.'Libero' is related to which game ?

(B).Kho - Kho

Q.32#.Who was the first recipient of Dronacharya Award in 1985 ?

(B).Om Prakash Bhardwaj
(D).All of them

Q.33#.What is the distance of Marathon Race ?

(A).21 miles 385 yards
(B).25 miles 385 yards
(C).26 miles 385 yards
(D).42 km

Q.34# Which Indian Player has won Gold medal in Olympics?

(A).Gagan Narang
(B).Rajyavardhan singh Rathore
(C).Abhinav Bindra
(D).Sushil Kumar

Q.35#.The 'National Sports day'is celebrated on which day ?

(A).29th September
(B).14th November
(C).29th August
(D).29th July

Q.36#.The player who was awarded with Arjuna Award,Dronacharya Award,Rajiv Gandhi khel Ratna and padma Shri is

(A).Abhinav Bindra
(B).Sachin Tendulkar
(C).Prakash Padukone
(D).Pullela Gopichand

Q.37#.Which one of the following valleys of Madhya Pradesh is not a rift valley ?

(A).Son valley
(B).Narmada valley
(C).Tapti valley
(D).Chambal Valley

Q.38#.Dhoopgarh,the highest peak of Madhya Pradesh, is located at ?

(A).Satpura Range
(B).Mahadeo range
(C).Maikal Range
(D).Vindhyayan Range

Q.39#.Which one of the following river's does not join river Chambal ?

(B).Kali sindh

Q.40#.Which on of the following district's of Madhya Pradesh touchés the State boundaries of Gujarat and Rajasthan?


Q.41#.The climate of Madhya Pradesh is


Q.42#.With which mineral production is Malaj Khans associated?

(D).Iron ore

Q.43#.Which district of Madhya Pradesh has highest percentage of tribe population?


Q.44#.Gujri mahal was built by

(B).Shah Jahan
(C).Man Singh
(D).None of them

Q.45#.Which one of the following cities of Madhya Pradesh is not located on NH - 3?


Q.46# In Madhya Pradesh Budget, 2017 - 18,the provision for AMRUT scheme is

(A).500 Crores
(B).600 Crores
(C).700 Crores
(D).800 Crores

Q.47# Which one of the following districts of Madhya Pradesh has more than 1000 as Sex ratio?


Q.48#.Who among the following was not acted as the Chief Secretary of Madhya Pradesh?


Q.49#.In which year was Madhya Pradesh Zila yojna Samiti Adhiniyam passed?


Q.50#.Which organisation is giving financial Support for "Tejaswini Rural Women's Empowerment programme?


Q.51#.'Mukya Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana'in Madhya Pradesh was Implemented from which year ?

(A).2008 - 09
(B).2009 -10
(C).2010 - 11
(D).2011 -12

Q.52#.From which year was " MP Incubation and Start - up' policy implemented?


Q.53#.In January 2018,"Friends of MP Conclave"was held in which city ?


Q.54#.How many minimum hours of power supply is assured for rural agriculture purpose in "Atal Jyoti Yojna - 2013 ?


Q.55#.The collection of linked information residing on computers which is available through Internet is called

(A).web server
(B).web Store
(C).World Wide Web
(D).Web information

Q.56#.The first page displayed by Web browser after opening a Web site is called?

(A).Home page
(B).Browser page
(C).Search Page

Q.57#. __________ Offers services such as search capabilities, e-mail, news,stock price,weather information, sports and entertainment .


Q.58#.Which of the following acronyms is normally used to describe unsolicited junk e-mail?


Q.59#.An intentionally disruptive software that spreads from computer to computer is known as

(A).search engine
(B).chat software

Q.60#.Which of the following is not an essential component required for video - conferencing system?

(A).Video camera
(B).Display device

Q.61#.Which of the following are the two essential features of cyber crime?

(A).Computer technology as modus operandi and intangibility of the environment

(B).Offender computer skills and victim ignorance of computer technology

(C).Hardware and software

(D).Hackers and crackers

Q.62#.The term __________ refers to an individual, who breaks into computer systems without authorisation, deliberately defaces Web sites for fraudulent purpose.

(A).White hat

Q.63#.When customers of a Web site are unable to access it due to flooding of fake network traffic, it is known as

(B).Trojan horse
(D) Denial of service attack

Q.64#.Under which Section of the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes(Prevention of Atrocities) Act,1989 is 'economic boycott defined?

(A).Section 2(b)
(B).Section 2 (b c)
(C).Section 2 (b f)
(D).Section 2 ( b g)

Q.65#.Under which one of the following section of the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (prevention of Atrocities) Act,1989 is ' anticipatory bail' prohibited?

(A).Section 22
(B).Section 20
(C).Section 18
(D).Section 16

Q.66#.Under which one of the following Section of the Scheduled Castes and scheduled Tribes Rules,1995 has "material for Annual Report" has been provided?

(A).Section 18
(B).Section 20
(C).Section 22
(D).Section 24

Q.67#.Under the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (prevention of Atrocities) Act,1989,whoever,not being a member of a Scheduled Caste or a Scheduled Tribe,Causes physical harm or mental agony of a member of a scheduled Caste or a scheduled Tribe on the allegation of practising witchcraft or being a witch shall be punishable ?

(A).with imprisonment for a term which shall not be less than six months bit which may extend to five years and with fine.

(B).with imprisonment for a term which shall not be less than six months and with fine

(C).with imprisonment for a term which shall be one year and with fine

(D).with imprisonment for a term which shall be five years and with fine

Q.68# How many Sections are there under the Scheduled castes and Scheduled Tribes (prevention of Atrocities) Act,1989?


Q.69#.Under which one of the following Sections of the Protection of civil Rights Act, 1995 has "Power of State Government to impose collective fine" been provided?

(A).Section 10
(B).Section 10 A
(C).Section 14

Q.70#.Under which one of the following section of The Protection of Civil Rights Act,1995 has #Protection of action taken in good faith #been provided?

(A).Section 16 A.
(B).Section 15 A.
(C).Section 16 B.
(D).Section 14 A.

Q.71#.Under Which one of the following section of the #Protection of Civil Rights Act,1995# has offences by companies been Provided?

(A).Section 10.
(B).Section 12.
(C).Section 14
(D).Section 16

Q.72#.The Protection of Civil Rights Act,1955 extends to 

(A).whole of India
(B).Whole of India except the State of Jammu and Kashmir

Q.73#.Which statement is true in relation to the Protection of Human Rights Act?

(A).The Act came into force on 23rd September, 1993

(B).The Act came into force on 28th September, 1993

(C).The Act came into force on 23rd September 1995

(D).The Act came into force on 28th September, 1995

Q.74#.Who is not the ex officio member of the #National Human Rights Commission# ?

(A).The chairperson of the National Commission for Minorities

(B).The chairperson of the Law Commission of India

(C).The chairperson of the National Commission for the Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes

(D).The Chairperson of the #National Commission for Women #

Q.75#.The term of office of members of The #National Human Rights Commission# from the date on which he/she enters upon his/her office is

(A).five years or till the age of #65 years

(B).five years or till the age of 70 years

(C).Six years or till the age of 65 years

(D).Six years or till the age of #70 years

Q.76#.In relation to offences described under Section #175,Section #178,Section #179,Section #180,or Section #228 of the Indian Penal Code,the Human Rights Commission is to be deemed

(A).Criminal Court
(B).Civil Court
(C).Revenue Court
(D).None of the above

Q.77#.While dealing with complaints of violation of Human Rights by the members of the armed forces, the Commission either on its own motion or on receipt of petition will

(A).enquire itself
(B).give directions to the concerned police officers to enquire
(C).Seek a report from the #Central Government #
(D).None of the above

Q.78#.A Sitting Judge of the High Court or a Sitting District Judge can be appointed as a member of the #State human Rights Commission #after consultation with

(A).the Governor
(B).The Chief Justice of the High Court of the concerned State
(C).the chief Justice of the Supreme court of india
(D).the President

Q.79#.In the event of occurrence of any vacancy in the Office of the Chairperson of the State Commission, who can authorize one of the members to act as Chairperson?

(A).The Chief Justice of the High Court
(B).The president
(C).The Chairperson of the National Human Rights Commission
(D).The Governor

Q.80#.Every member of #theCommission ,State Commission and every officer appointed or authorised by the Commission or State Commission to exercise functions under the protection of Human Rights Act is to be deemed?

(A).Public Officer
(B).Public Servant
(C).Officer of Commission
(D).None of the above

Q.81#.The State Commission submits its annual report to the

(B).State Government
(C).Chief Justice of the High Court
(D).Chief Justice of India

Q.82#.In the definition of armed forces under the Protection of Human Rights Act,which of the following is not included?

(B).Armed Forces of the State
(D).Air Force

Q.83#.Name the State Bird of Madhya Pradesh#

(C).Paradise flycatcher

Q.84#.What is the full form of NGT ?

(A).#National Green Tribunal
(B).National General Tribe
(C).New General Tribunal
(D).National Green Tribe

Q.85#.Name the first State of India which is dependent on organic farming

(A).Madhya Pradesh
(D).Arunachal Pradesh

Q.86#.The main air Pollutants in metropolitan cities is /are

(B).CO and SO²
(C).CO² and NO²
(D).None of the above

#This question was deleted by the P.S.C.

Q.87#.Which of the following is a medicinal crop?

(B).Aloe vera

Q.88#.The sunlight energy used by green plants in photosynthesis is transformed into

(A).Chemical energy
(B).Physical energy
(C).Both #A and #B
(D).None of the above

Q.89#.What is the audible range (hearing range) of humans?

(A).20 Hz   20000 Hz
(B).80 Hz - 100 Hz
(C).2 lac Hz - 4 lac Hz
(D).0 Hz.  - 20 Hz

Q.90#.Which of the following is a desert region?

(A).Sindhu area
(B).Gangetic area
(C).Assam area
(D).Central India area

Q.91#.When is the #International Earth Day celebrated?

(A).20th April
(B).5th.  June
(C).22nd April
(D).3rd March

Q.#92.Which of the following is not correctly matched?

Name of Books.                 Authors

(A).The Burning.         Nandine sund            forest.                  at
(B).One Indian.           Chetan Bhagat
(C).Jinnah often          Kiran Doshi
       Came to Our
(D).Island of Lost        Kunal Basu

Q.#93#.Who among the following women won the by - election in 2017 for the one Rajya Sabha seat from Madhya Pradesh?

(A).Jamuna Devi
(B).Raha Devi
(C).Sampatiya Uikey
(D).Kavita Uikey

Q.#94#.How many times India and Pakistan exchanged the list of their nuclear installations under an agreement that aims to prevent both sides from attacking such installation till January 2018?


Q.#95.Who is appointed as the CEO of Infosys in Place of Vishal Sikka?

(A).Deepak Parekh
(B).Salil Parekh
(C).Nandan Nilekani

Q.#96.At present,How many countries are the members of the International Monetary Fund #IMF?


Q.#97.How many women were elected in Madhya Pradesh Assembly Election,2013?


# This question was deleted by mppsc

Q.98#.In which year was the Madhya Pradesh Rajkosiya Uttardayitva Evan Budget Prabandhan Adhiniyam passed?


Q.99#.On which date,President of the USA,Donald trump recognised Jerusalem as the capital of Israel?

(A).6th January, 2018
(B).6th November, 2017
(C).6th October, 2017
(D).6th December, 2017

Q.100#Which two States have been Jointly ranked first in ease of doing business ranking issued by the World Bank and DIPP in October 2016?

(A).Gujarat and Telangana
(B).Telangana and Chhattisgarh
(C).Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh
(D).Andhra Pradesh and Telangana


इस ब्लॉग से लोकप्रिय पोस्ट


PATANJALI BPGRIT VS DIVYA MUKTA VATI EXTRA POWER  पतंजलि आयुर्वेद ने high blood pressure की नई गोली BPGRIT निकाली हैं। इसके पहले पतंजलि आयुर्वेद ने उच्च रक्तचाप के लिए Divya Mukta Vati निकाली थी। अब सवाल उठता हैं कि पतंजलि आयुर्वेद को मुक्ता वटी के अलावा बीपी ग्रिट निकालने की क्या आवश्यकता बढ़ी। तो आईए जानतें हैं BPGRIT VS DIVYA MUKTA VATI EXTRA POWER के बारें में कुछ महत्वपूर्ण बातें BPGRIT INGREDIENTS 1.अर्जुन छाल चूर्ण ( Terminalia Arjuna ) 150 मिलीग्राम 2.अनारदाना ( Punica granatum ) 100 मिलीग्राम 3.गोखरु ( Tribulus Terrestris  ) 100 मिलीग्राम 4.लहसुन ( Allium sativam ) 100  मिलीग्राम 5.दालचीनी (Cinnamon zeylanicun) 50 मिलीग्राम 6.शुद्ध  गुग्गुल ( Commiphora mukul )  7.गोंद रेजिन 10 मिलीग्राम 8.बबूल‌ गोंद 8 मिलीग्राम 9.टेल्कम (Hydrated Magnesium silicate) 8 मिलीग्राम 10. Microcrystlline cellulose 16 मिलीग्राम 11. Sodium carboxmethyle cellulose 8 मिलीग्राम DIVYA MUKTA VATI EXTRA POWER INGREDIENTS 1.गजवा  ( Onosma Bracteatum) 2.ब्राम्ही ( Bacopa monnieri) 3.शंखपुष्पी (Convolvulus pl

गेरू के औषधीय प्रयोग

गेरू के औषधीय प्रयोग गेरू के औषधीय प्रयोग   आयुर्वेद चिकित्सा में कुछ औषधीयाँ सामान्य जन के मन में  इतना आश्चर्य पैदा करती हैं कि कई लोग इन्हें तब तक औषधी नही मानतें जब तक की इनके विशिष्ट प्रभाव को महसूस नही कर लें । गेरु भी उसी श्रेणी की   आयुर्वेदिक औषधी   हैं। जो सामान्य मिट्टी   से   कहीं अधिक   इसके   विशिष्ट गुणों के लिए जानी जाती हैं। गेरु लाल रंग की मिट्टी होती हैं। जो सम्पूर्ण भारत में बहुतायत मात्रा में मिलती हैं। इसे गेरु या सेनागेरु कहते हैं। गेरू  आयुर्वेद की विशिष्ट औषधि हैं जिसका प्रयोग रोग निदान में बहुतायत किया जाता हैं । गेरू का संस्कृत नाम  गेरू को संस्कृत में गेरिक ,स्वर्णगेरिक तथा पाषाण गेरिक के नाम से जाना जाता हैं । गेरू का लेटिन नाम  गेरू   silicate of aluminia  के नाम से जानी जाती हैं । गेरू की आयुर्वेद मतानुसार प्रकृति गेरू स्निग्ध ,मधुर कसैला ,और शीतल होता हैं । गेरू के औषधीय प्रयोग 1. आंतरिक रक्तस्त्राव रोकनें में गेरू शरीर के किसी भी हिस्से में होनें वाले रक्तस्त्राव को कम करने वाली सर्वमान्य औषधी हैं । इसके ल

होम्योपैथिक बायोकाम्बिनेशन नम्बर #1 से नम्बर #28 तक Homeopathic bio combination in hindi

  1.बायो काम्बिनेशन नम्बर 1 एनिमिया के लिये होम्योपैथिक बायोकाम्बिनेशन नम्बर 1 का उपयोग रक्ताल्पता या एनिमिया को दूर करनें के लियें किया जाता हैं । रक्ताल्पता या एनिमिया शरीर की एक ऐसी अवस्था हैं जिसमें रक्त में हिमोग्लोबिन की सघनता कम हो जाती हैं । हिमोग्लोबिन की कमी होनें से रक्त में आक्सीजन कम परिवहन हो पाता हैं ।  W.H.O.के अनुसार यदि पुरूष में 13 gm/100 ML ,और स्त्री में 12 gm/100ML से कम हिमोग्लोबिन रक्त में हैं तो इसका मतलब हैं कि व्यक्ति एनिमिक या रक्ताल्पता से ग्रसित हैं । एनिमिया के लक्षण ::: 1.शरीर में थकान 2.काम करतें समय साँस लेनें में परेशानी होना 3.चक्कर  आना  4.सिरदर्द 5. हाथों की हथेली और चेहरा पीला होना 6.ह्रदय की असामान्य धड़कन 7.ankle पर सूजन आना 8. अधिक उम्र के लोगों में ह्रदय शूल होना 9.किसी चोंट या बीमारी के कारण शरीर से अधिक रक्त निकलना बायोकाम्बिनेशन नम्बर  1 के मुख्य घटक ० केल्केरिया फास्फोरिका 3x ० फेंरम फास्फोरिकम 3x ० नेट्रम म्यूरिटिकम 6x