Giloy गिलोय

गुडूची कटुका तिक्ता स्वादुपाका रसायनी कामलाकुष्ठवातास्त्रज्वरक्रिमिवमीन्हरेत्
 An rejuventor,anti-pyretic,astringent

Giloy or guduchi is a well known Indian bitter and prescribed mainly for fevers and diabetes. It is an astringent, anti-pyretic ,rejuventor,blood-purifier,antispasmodic and antiinflammatory. Highly digestible and nutritive starch obtained from the stem part is given to the patients with very poor digestion.

It checks successfully the microbes responsible for tuberculosis. In ayurveda the drug is given with black piper longum roots and ginger for improving the digestion.In migraine it is given with honey and for vaginal inflammation, its decoction in combination with triphla and baliospermum montanum in recommended. It is increasing body immunity.


Large deciduous climbers with lenticellate,corky stems,branches sending down slender pendulous,fleshy roots,leaves deeply cordate with large basal lobes,inflorescence racemose male flowers clustered in the axils of small subulate bracts sepals 2 seriate,inner broadly elliptical petals 6,equal.female flowers usually solitary,similar to male,carpels3.fruits drupelets pisiform,deep red, marked with a sub basal stylar scar.

Active ingredients::-


Therapeutic uses::-

1.In the cure of arthritis, 

rheumatism,piles,leprosy, dyspepsia.
2.In fever and flu.

3.To inhibit hyper glycemia and reduce blood sugars.

4.As liver stimulant.

5.Memory enhancer.

6.Filaria Guduchi svarasa along with gingly oil is given orally.


As directed by the physicians.

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